WordPress 2.7 Coltrane is here

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John Coltrane

I’ve been waiting for this new version and been following the developments on the WordPress blog. The new Coltrane versions comes with:

  • A new interface for the dashboard (now, you can drag and drop)
  • Comment threading (one plugin less)
  • Paging (one plugin less)
  • Replying to comments right from the dashboard
  • Native sticky posts (so, one plugin less)
  • Every screen is customizable
  • Automatic upgrade of WordPress with just one click

So, go ahead and download the new version. And if you use the CformsII plugin and speak Romanian, you may need the Romanian translation.

Photo (John Coltrane) credit: Musicartistinterview.com


– More about the new versions and some fears that everything will not work smoothly with the new WordPress, at Lorelle.

A working demo with the new version, if you don’t have the possibility to test the 2.7 on your server (user: admin, pass: demo).

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