Flashmob tonight at the National Theater 3

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The metropolitan police has forbidden [ro] the bikers’s access on large boulevards in Bucharest, saying they want to „protect them”. In other parts of the world, people are encouraged to leave their cars at home from time to time and to use the bike.

A flashmob will be organized tonight, at 6 PM, in front of the National Theater (TNB, Piata Universitatii), to protest against this awful rule.

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3 gânduri despre “Flashmob tonight at the National Theater

  • Cristi

    And in other parts of the world, see Italy (Rome), Germany (Berlin) and South Africa (Jo’burg) they have special „roads” for bikers.

    I saw one of those roads in Bucharest too, on the Regina Elisabeta Boulevard. It can be used from Universitate till Kogalniceanu Square. But for sure people who will see bikers on the „old-red” part of the sidewalk will be „shocked”.

  • Kayla Vincent

    WOW, finally! Someone protesting against this! Yeah, I tried using it with rollerblades on…And if there are no cars, then there are pedestrians using it. And they really do not move at all. Maybe only if you bump into them!