Do you want to get published in the Western media? Lose the byline! 3

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In the latest issue of the e-mail newsletter from Scoop, several journalists express their opinions and concerns about the way the Western media redistributes journalistic work produced by freelance journalists in „smaller” countries.

Ştefan Cândea from the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism comes to a sad conclusion:

Basically, if you want your story published in Western media, in most of the cases you have to accept to give your story for free and not even have your name on the story.

He explains this by revealing the way discussions with the foreign newspaper are led: the talking is often done between journalist and journalist, not between journalist and editor. That’s why the translated or modified article is published without the name of the original author.

What is to be done?

David Leigh, assistant editor of The Guardian, gives free advice:

1. Sunday newspapers in Britain are much more open to freelance news contributions than daily ones.

2. The newspaper will want a staff reporter to work with the freelancer and share the byline. So, get used to this idea!

3. You need someone to recommend you. Big proud Western newspapers are ashamed when they are supposed to give credit to an unknown Eastern-European journalist.

4. Be careful when negotiating the fee. The terms of the contract often include your kind agreement to lose the byline.

The bottom line is: so what if you did a great story about human trafficking? You’re a nobody, my dear Romanian freelancer. Just being born in a different country sometimes makes the difference in terms of fame and money.

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3 gânduri despre “Do you want to get published in the Western media? Lose the byline!

  • sonson

    Nu exista pareri la acest post?! Nu e nimeni revoltat? Eu una sunt. Si oare ce sanse sunt ca un ziar din romania sa publice un articol facut de un student care nu e angajat la ei sau la un alt ziar, folosind numele autorului? Da, eu sunt studentul… Am scris o ancheta pentru Tehnici de Investigatie Jurnalistica si mi-ar placea sa o public undeva… are cineva vreo sugestie? Sau lucrurile stau la fel la noi ca in strainatate (in privinta aceasta)?

  • George Hari

    Sonson, dacă te referi la publicarea în România, îţi sugerez să vorbeşti chiar cu profesorul de la TIJ, sigur cunoaşte şefi din presă interesaţi de textele proaspete ale unei studente.