Yupiii! It’s Blog Day! 4

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Happy Blog Day! I wish all bloggers around the world, no matter the platform, to have clear minds and sharp keyboards!

Here are my nominations:

Alinanemes.ro – Alina, a long-haul IT specialist, started her own blog. It means inside tips, good advices and posts that will make us think. Oh, and it also means she has more free time.

Kakafoni – Sometimes I understand her, sometimes not. That’s because she’s writing in English and Swedish. She worked for The Bullet, but she’s totally different on her blog.

Orange Ukraine – News from Ukraine, a country in turmoil most of the time. The authors are not living in Ukraine, which gives a more objective view to the blog. The drama of a country that thought it could become free.

Ephemere – A blog that it will last 24 hours (that’s what the author says), with literary accents. Go inside the mind of a person who doesn’t believe too much in blogs, but started one.

M and J adventures – The two authors are living in the UAE and they started the blog to let family and friends know how they’re doing out there. For us, it’s a wonderful chance to know a country through the eyes of two strangers.

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4 gânduri despre “Yupiii! It’s Blog Day!

  • nzm

    Hi George

    Thanks for visiting our blog and also for the mention as one of your 5 choices!

    Now that I know your blog, I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know about life in Romania – at least from your English language posts!

    Happy BlogDay!


  • Monika

    Wow. I blush.
    This is the motivation I need to write more in English, a language I hope to see more of on your blog as well :)
    Wow wow wow. This really made my day!